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Recruitment FAQ


Q: Does everybody who goes through recruitment get a bid?

A: The vast majority of PNMs that go through recruitment and maximize their options on bid night (list both chapters on their preference night card) will receive a bid to an organization. However, we cannot guarantee that you will receive a bid. We encourage PNMs to enter the process with a completely open mind about all 10 of our chapters.


Q: Is there a minimum GPA to go through recruitment?

A: While there is not a Panhellenic minimum GPA to go through recruitment, every chapter has different academic requirements in order to extend bids to PNMs, ranging from 2.5 to 2.7. Be advised that you may be limited in your options should you participate in recruitment with a lower GPA. For this reason, we encourage PNMs to focus on their academics in the semesters prior (and after!) formal recruitment.


Q: What do I have to do once I get a bid?

A: Once you receive a bid from a chapter, you enter that chapter’s new member education program, which continues until you are initiated into the chapter as a sister. While it varies from chapter to chapter, most programs include learning about your chapter’s history, values, philanthropies, and traditions. You will also receive a “big sister” and sorority family.


Q: How much does a sorority cost?

A: Every chapter is different, but new member dues generally range from $560 to $725 for the first semester. Afterward, initiated sister dues are generally more inexpensive. Also more information on each chapter's new member and initiated sister dues are located in the PNM Handbook!


Q: How big is Greek Life at BU?

A: Approximately 15% of undergraduates are engaged in Greek Life here at BU.


Q: What’s recruitment like?

A: Formal recruitment is held over the course of 4 days, followed by "Bid Day," where you will potentially receive a bid from one of our 10 chapters! Potential New Members start the first day by meeting every chapter in ‘parties’ or recruitment rounds. As each day passes, the parties get longer and the number of parties you attend decreases until you receive an invitation for membership from a chapter (called a Bid). This is done through a mutual selection process—in other words, you narrow down which chapters you feel that you fit best with, and they do the same!


Q: How do I get more information about recruitment?

A: Follow us on Instagram @BUPanhel, or email!


Q: Do I need recommendations to go through recruitment at BU?

A: Recommendations are not definitely required at BU for recruitment but are welcomed if you are so inclined to have an alumna write one on your behalf for a specific chapter.


Q: What’s a typical week like for a sorority woman at BU?

A: Being a sorority woman requires multitasking! Typically, chapters have one chapter meeting per week where all members come together to go over announcements, vote on official matters, and perform rituals. Many chapters host study hours, participate in intramural teams, put on sisterhood events, and perform service hours weekly. All 10 of our chapters host a major philanthropy event once a semester to raise money for their national and local philanthropies—which you will learn more about during formal recruitment! Chapters also participate in fun social events like formals and date parties.


Q: What is Panhellenic Council?

A: The Panhellenic Council is the governing body of all the National Panhellenic Sororities here at BU. Our board is comprised of 7 Executive Board members and 3 Recruitment Team members; all of these women come from different chapters. After the fall semester, the Panhellenic Council members are “silenced” or “disassociated” from their chapters in order to help any women participating in Formal Recruitment go through with an unbiased opinion. Panhellenic Council members reveal their sorority affiliation on Bid Day.


Q: If I’m a legacy to a chapter, do I automatically get a bid?

A: We cannot guarantee that if you are a legacy you will receive a bid. Traditionally, legacies are held to a different standard by most chapters, but it is up to each chapter to decide whether or not a legacy is a good fit for their chapter, the same way they would consider any other PNM.


Q: How big are each of the sororities?

A: Average chapter size is around 150 sisters. However, each chapter varies—there are chapters larger and smaller than that number. What’s important is finding the chapter that is the best fit for YOU, as a PNM!


Q: Are any new sororities coming to BU soon?

A: Currently Panhellenic Council does not have any plans to open for extension.

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