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We are value-based organizations


The link that binds sorority women together is a set of common values and beliefs. Each of our 10 chapters is founded in distinct values, but love, scholarship, and philanthropy are characteristic of every chapter. According to the National Panhellenic Conference:


"Fraternities continue because young women feel a continuing need to belong. Parents appreciate fraternity values and standards and cooperate to make membership possible. College administrations, recognizing the values of fraternities, continue to welcome them on their campuses and to invite them to establish new chapters."


BU Sorority Life is committed to helping women find close friendships to last throughout their collegiate years and beyond, Each of our organizations brings together women who enrich each other's lives and provide a mutually-beneficial relationship only comparable to sisterhood.

"It was hard coming to a school where I went from having 300 kids in my class to 4000. BU Sorority Life has shaped my college career in the best way possible and I know that when I graduate I will leave with sisters and friends that will last for a lifetime." - Allie Silber, Alpha Epsilon Phi



BU Sorority Life recognizes that Panhellenic organizations are meant to enhance the student experience. BU Sorority Life holds its members to exceptionally high academic standards and recruits self-motivated, ambitious women. The cumulative Panhellenic GPA is consistently above the All-University GPA.


"I have always considered myself a student first and joining Greek life has given me the opportunity to learn about subjects outside of my field of study. My sisters are all so passionate about what they are learning, so I love being able to learn about areas I don't know anything about and sharing what I've learned with them." - Taryn Thiele-Sadina, Sigma Kappa



Giving back is at the core of the BU Sorority Life philosophy. Each of our organizations recognizes the power that women striving for excellence wield, and chooses to harness that power to create an impact both in our community and nationally.



"As a Sorority woman, I have truly learned the importance of philanthropy. From attending countless philanthropy events to being Tri Delta's philanthropy chair and having the opportunity to visit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, our philanthropic partner, I have been able to witness the positive impact that Greek life can have."- Anu Manne, Delta Delta Delta

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